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Made 27

MADE 27 is Committed to 4 Things:

  1. Bringing Awareness to Modern Day Slavery
  2. Providing an Outlet for Survivors to Sell Their Handmade Goods
  3. Funding Organizations That Help Rescue and Restore Survivors
  4. Seeing This Epidemic End in Our Lifetime

Made27 is not only committed to bringing you handmade goods by survivors, we also want to provide ways for you to take an active role in ending slavery.


AIM is Christ’s Church Fighting the Ground War on Sex Trafficking in Cambodia. Our projects prevent, rescue, restore & reintegrate, impacting 10,000+ people a year.

All of  the products sold here are made at the AIM Employment Center (AEC), which since 2012 has been providing rescued young women with training in garment manufacturing, healthcare coverage, childcare, counseling, and continued language education, all while being compensated well above the national average.

When you purchase products made at the AEC, you help sustain the livelihood of our rescued young women in Cambodia. 100% of the profits go back to AIM.


BRAVERLY is a Bicycle Shop Café located in Mae Sot, Thailand, and serves as one of the training centers of Outpour Movement (a satellite office of Kingdom Inc.). They train in skills such as sewing, culinary arts, business management, product development, as well as focus on serving with integrity, honesty and excellence.

The café offers bagels and other baked goods, coffee, tea and more! They specialize in the sale and rental of touring bicycles and focus on promoting a bicycle community that will ride to raise awareness for families transcending the Thai/Burma border. At Braverly, they have also created and designed their own line of products (shirts, bags, hats, jewelry, etc.). All of the products are handmade by our trainees and are available locally as well as online at our store.

The hope is to see a self-sustainable ministry that will empower a people, a community, a nation to walk in confidence knowing who and whose they are, trained up and pursuing their God-given dreams and passions.

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