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Comedor is a feeding program, for elementary-aged children, that provides each child a warm “home cooked” lunch before or after school, two days per week. The Comedor program is fully supported by the church family and ensures that these children get at least one good meal per day. We also use this program as an additional way to spend time with the kids, build relationships, help with school work, and teach them values and English. Currently we are working on expanding the program to include additional days/meals.



Tutoring Program

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Teaching English

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Our Teaching English program provides a simple platform that makes learning English easy and fun for the children at Iglesia Cristiana Mansion. This program is designed to give the kids a leg up in school and a safe atmosphere to practice what they’re learning. Not only will our Teaching English program provide the kids an opportunity to learn a new language, but it will also provide us an opportunity to build and develop relationships and be an encouragement to the kids.



Culture and Values Program

La Cultura is our culture, values, and English program that focuses on helping young children learn the essential values of a Christ-centered life, interesting facts about children around the world and their cultures, as well as some simple lessons in English. La Cultura was designed to help young children gain a global perspective and learn how they, even as children, can contribute within their own community.



Culture of Honor Program

culture of honor

Our COH program uses countercultural principles to teach the youth and young adults about how to create and live in a Christ-centered culture of honor, what it looks like to be a real man, the values and responsibilities of being a man, how to treat women, and the importance of serving others.



Come to The Table

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Church Construction Project

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