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About Us

Cartagena Vision Trip February/March 2014 from jenn on Vimeo.

Everyone deserves to walk in a world where injustices don’t exist…not because of something they’ve done, but because of who created them.

Unless a man looks to Jesus, a man doesn’t really know how to value or treat a woman. Unless a child looks to Jesus, a child doesn’t really realize his/her true potential and the gifts that they have to share with others. Unless a person looks to Jesus, a person won’t fully embrace what it means to truly Live rather than merely survive. Because we are at peace in Christ, we fight injustice.


Our Story:

As told by co-founders, Jared and Jennifer Messenger

We met in Spain, in January 2012, while Jared was attending a leadership academy, G42 and volunteering with MATTOO, an anti-sex trafficking organization for men, and Jennifer was on staff with G42, teaching English, and working with street children in Morocco.


As a friendship developed we began discussing our passion to serve, our interest in helping those suffering from injustices, and our experiences serving around the world (Thailand, Cambodia, India, Ukraine, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Haiti, and more). As our conversation and relationship progressed, we began to see the possibility of serving somewhere together. We both shared a great interest in South American, but didn’t know what specific country we should serve in. Eager to make the best choice, we decided to seek God for direction and began praying specifically for each country in South America. Each week we would randomly select one country to pray for and then listen to what God was saying about that country. Every week, no matter what country we were praying for, someone would bring up Colombia. It was incredible! People would introduce themselves to us as being from Colombia, people would casually mention that they knew someone in Colombia, people would ask questions like, “have you thought about serving in Colombia?”, or would nonchalantly tell us they had contacts in Colombia. After a few weeks of the same types of conversations, we decided to simply focus on praying for Colombia. For the next couple days a rush of excitement and peace would come over us every time we prayed. It was then that we truly believed that God was pointing us toward Colombia.


We then narrowed our destination, more specifically, to the city of Cartagena. Without ever having been to Cartagena, we chose it based on the a couple key components: it was a touristy, port city (high likelihood of sex trafficking activity and Jenn had a familiarity with port cities from her time in Morocco), and it was one of the larger cities in Colombia. As we researched the city more, we began to see a lot of opportunities to serve and help.


Legacy of Hope Restored was establish and registered in November 2012. The name, Legacy of Hope Restored, describes the Life people live when they recognize and grasp who they truly are. Their choices in life are no longer based on selfishness and survival, but rather on truly living the Life they were always intended to Live and share with others. When people live this kind of Life, the Hope they possess gets passed down to the next generation and then to the next generation, thus creating a Legacy and restoring Hope as it was intended from the beginning.


We married in December 2012 and began our journey of preparation for the move to Cartagena, Colombia in 2013. We started with the decision to focus the goal of our organization on eliminating injustices through the provision of food, education, discipleship, and safety. We believe that by providing education for children and discipling young men on the realities, truths, and responsibilities of being men and how to treat women, along with a little help in the form of food and safety, we can help these individuals realize their true selves and the value of others. – thus eliminating a number of injustices. During this period we also prayed, attended meetings, constructed a website, obtained a TESOL certificate, studied, designed programs, researched, developed a list of contacts, support raised, and shared our hearts with anyone who would to listen.


In February/March 2014 we embarked on a vision trip to Cartagena to see for ourselves what struggles and needs the people had, and where we could begin focusing our passions.  Thanks to some wonderful contacts we met prior to our trip, we were able to visit several NGOs and churches in Cartagena. We spoke with numerous directors and leaders about the issues surrounding the city and the many ways they were addressing those issues. Each organization was passionate about their cause and offered many opportunities for people coming to Colombia to serve. In the end, we chose an organization whose vision and passion fit best with our own.


In April 2014 we welcomed our precious son, Gabriel Kaleo Jones Messenger, who has helped us to reach a deeper level of understanding regarding the roles and responsibilities of being parents.


In October 2014, our family moved to Cartagena, Colombia and began serving alongside Iglesia Cristiana Mansion. The leadership at Iglesia Cristiana Mansion is full of dedicated passionate people who by faith, passion, and wisdom work to minister to, elevate, inspire, and serve one of the poorest barrios in Cartagena. We have been honored to serve alongside this amazing and encouraging group of people. And it has been such an incredible experience to be a part of a community where people help one another and the groundwork for eliminating injustices has been laid.


In the beginning little was known to us about the needs and struggles of the people in Cartagena. However, with the goal of touching hearts and minds through Jesus, our small team struck out on a mission to make a difference in this city. And since our arrival, several projects are in the works and beginning to grow.


Today, our small efforts to provide a new perspective and eliminate injustices have evolved into significant action. We are a dedicated team of professionals who work full-time, on the ground in Cartagena, to educate young men and children, teach values and responsibility, restore vision to those who don’t see their true self, and encourage others to take action. Every day, we are encouraged and inspired to keep fighting for the men, women, and children who are held captive by injustice, because God wants to set the captives free and so do we!

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